Entrance Exams:

If your financial capacity is strong enough to be able to afford the expensive courses for you in the designing institutes in other states, but unable to find a proper coaching institute to prepare for the entrance, then we have the solution for you. We would make sure that your child gets a fair chance to make it to the institute of his/her choice.

RAD will now be the pioneer in fuelling the success stories for many students for entrance exams to NIFT/NID and other Design Institutes .

With the best faculty available, students will be given proper coaching and training to enable them to compete with students from across the country and realise their dream.We at Rebanta understand what it takes to help achieve the cherished dreams and our aim is to nurture the young,bright passionate minds, give them the right type of environment ,sharpen their problem solving ability and keep them motivated.

Programs Offered:

1. Classroom Program: Weekdays (2Hours alternate days) / Weekends.(Sunday:5 hours)

Course Content: DAT & CAT

  • Imagination And Design Exposure.
  • Exposure To Basic Design And Interior
  • 3d Form Visualizing 3d Objects
  • Visual Perception And Logic, Craft Skills
  • Organizational Principles
  • Scale, Proportion And Perspective
  • Observational Skills
  • Creative Thinking/Writing
  • Eod/Pod And Its Application
  • Picture Analysis
  • Designing Products/ Patterns/ Motifs
  • Innovation In Designs And Aesthetics
  • Memory Drawing
  • Knowledge Of Proportion And Perspective
  • Thematic Colour Arrangement
  • Abstract Symbolism And Visual Design
  • Design, Colour Concept,Colour Association And Usage Of Colour
  • Optical Illusion Doodling
  • Symbols Pictograms And Communication Design And Lettering
  • Animation And Caricature

Course Content: GAT

  • Quantitative Ability
  • Communication Skills And Comprehension.
  • General Knowledge And Current Affair.

NID Studio Test & NIFT Situation Test:

Studio Test/Situation Test , Interview and Portfolio Classes for NID/NIFT

Free Studio Test, Situation Test Classes for NID/NIFT will be conducted after clearing first phase of NID/NIFT Exam

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