At RAD, employability is integrated into every course. Employers tell us they want the designer to demonstrate a number of skills including self-management, problem solving. Each course offers opportunities to acquire these and more.

Students have the opportunity to spend a full year working in industry on a paid placement, or to study.

Alternatively, if you have a business idea, concept or design, our director will assist you in your start-up and guide your new business, while you are studying and even after you graduate.


  1. Help with research and techniques from our experienced team.
  2. One-to-one guidance interviews.
  3. Telephone and e-guidance services if you can't visit RAD.


  1. Workshops to perfect your Curriculum Vitae, application and interview skills
  2. Tailored events and programs for RAD students
  3. Seminars to give you an insight into different careers
  4. Recruitment and placement fairs


  1. Our own recruitment team working proactively to find you jobs matching your profile, USP & field of interest.
  2. Exclusive opportunities from our partnerships with local, regional and national Companies and firms.

Enterprise Opportunities

Mentoring, enterprise and networking events help to make your idea a reality and develop skills in business start-up, self employment, freelancing and consulting.

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